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GBBG | BitBillions

GBBG, the group behind BitBillions, has been around for a decade but just recently came online to the Bitcoin scene. They are still relatively new and within the past few months opened up several opportunities to earn Bitcoin. They plan on developing more opportunities and even products and services in the months and years to come.

GBBG is a very unique company. It has different ways of earning Bitcoin in the short, mid, and long-term. It is a Bitcoin start-up with a very big and bright future.

Short Term
Mid Term
Long Term
BitBillions and its sub-sites have ways to earn Bitcoin right now. These include:

-Winning Bitcoin through prize pools
-Buying cash for half price
-Referral commissions
Once the Matrix launches, members of every level will earn Bitcoin through their various pools, which will be funded by 50% of GBBG's profits.
Their revolutionary product will bring in huge profits when it is released in a couple years. The Matrix will continue throughout the entire life of BitBillions and everyone will benefit greatly!

BitBillions logo


BitBillions is the home base for GBBG and all its products and services. Each of their sub-sites has different ways to get points, which get pooled together at BitBillions every month. When they launch the Matrix, these points will be converted to Bitcoin every month which they will send to you! In the mean time, these sites also have various ways to earn Bitcoin today.

It is completely free to earn Bitcoin, but upgrading to Co-Founder has many perks, such as access to more payment pools when the Matrix launches. A Co-Founder upgrade is $30. When the Matrix launches and Co-Founder positions are no longer available, they will be worth substantially more and will only be available through others and in the marketplace. GBBG estimates a Co-Founder account will be worth over $450k once the Matrix launches, based on 3.5 times the estimated annual earnings. At this point it is impossible to say what they'll be worth since there are so many variables, but one thing is for sure, they'll be worth a lot!

Update: They will launch the Matrix on January 1, 2015 regardless of all the Co-Founder positions being sold! If there are any Co-Founders left on December 31 of this year, they (GBBG and investors) will buy the remaining positions! You do not want to be left out on that date when the Matrix goes live and Co-Founder positions are no longer available. The current points gathered each month until the Matrix launch will be used for giveaways and other prizes, so the more points you get, the better chance you have at winning! Once the Matrix launches, points will be used as originally intended, which determines how much Bitcoin you get each month. Check their GBBG News (blog) page to find out more.

Founder count: 3,285
Co-Founder count: 5,062 / 6,715 (08/13/2014)
Founder positions are taken and there won't be more. They were given upon donating to GBBG in the early development stage.
Once these Co-Founder positions are taken, the Matrix will launch! Membership is growing faster and faster!

The official BitBillions forum is a great place to get familiar with this organization and its members.

BitBillions now has an IRC channel! Click the button to expand the chat box and say hi to members!


BitFeud logo

Get your coffee and mouse ready, it's gonna be a showdown for the fastest clicks! Once or twice a week they hold flash cash sales, where you can buy cash at half price! In the future they might hold these sales more often. They've held sales ranging from buying $10 for $5 to buying $250 for $125. Buying money for half price may sound odd, but they're able to do it through ad revenue and other sources.

Simply watch videos to earn points! Free members get 1 point and 1 entry per video and Premier members get 10 points and entries per video. Upgrading to a Premier account is only $5/month, which is well worth it even if you only win one of these flash cash sales. On top of that, you get to place your own video ad into the ads page for the whole month and you can change it any time you want.

Payment proofs:

My Bitcoin Rewards logo

My Bitcoin Rewards

At My Bitcoin Rewards you earn entries for every site you click on in the ads page. Free members earn 1 point and 1 entry for each click and Premier members earn 10 entries and points. You can assign your entries to any of the three reward pools for either 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3BTC! When one of the pools reaches its amount, a winner is drawn and notified. This site is also only $5/month for a Premier account and has the same advertising system, except these ads are currently text only.

On 12/1/2013, they announced a winner of the 1BTC pool! (I didn't win.. sad face)

I Want a Car

I Want a Car logo

Win the car of your dreams! This site is similar to in that you click links on the ad page to earn 1 point and 1 entry if you're a free member and 10 points and 10 entries if you're a Premier member. These entries can be assigned to the 25k, 50k, and 100k reward pools. The winner will be contacted and they can go to any dealership and pick out a car up to the value of the reward. GBBG will take care of the payment and you'll drive home with a new car!

This site too is only $5/month for a Premier account and has the same text advertising system as My Bitcoin Rewards.


GBBG-Ware logo GBBG-Ware is brand new and is an extension of GBBG. They provide IT solutions, ranging from web developing to developing games and apps, and more. If you know someone or a company who needs a website, you can join BitBillions and refer the potential client to them and get a nice commission!

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