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Launch of New Chinese Poker Software

Two professional poker players together with IT-company owner developed a new poker room for playing Chinese poker

Cruel Poker beta logo

Cruel Poker introduces new OFC poker software, offering cash games for cryptocurrency (dollar games are coming soon). A beta-version of the program is already running.

Cruel Poker offers great quality and stability of online poker gaming. Their solution is designed by professional players for professional players. In addition to this, Cruel Poker team is always happy to listen to players and have a very proactive position on implementing feedback and ideas from players.

The Grab

Cruel Poker is an online poker room for playing Chinese Poker. It proposes the most popular variations of games such as OFC (Open Face Chinese) and Pineapple.

In order to test the market, the Cruel Poker team have decided to start with cryptocurrencies as a target niche.

The Problem/Opportunity Cruel Poker is Solving

  • Provably fair game (their solution will support true random generation), so players will be able to check hands being dealt via delivering zipped hands before they are started.
  • Not many places to play solid Bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) games, especially Chinese Poker.
  • Customer-driven development, listening to customers' feedback, and creating a user-friendly environment.

Most of the issues with online poker are related to trust. People wish to have reliable poker software with fair number (card) generation and to be sure when gambling with their money. Cruel Poker works toward finding best approaches to make people use game options without any thoughts of potential fraud.

The Market and Competitive Advantages

  • They have their own sector niche (Chinese Poker plus Bitcoins)
  • Worldwide anonymous game
  • Highly skilled and fast adaptive, experienced team
  • Scalable business model
  • Regular updates (based on customer feedback)
  • Affiliate program
  • White labeling
  • Equity fair feature (new approach for regular players, not proposed by any other existing poker rooms)

The current version of Cruel Poker provides Open Face Chinese poker and Pineapple poker games. In several months, tournaments and SNG games will be added.

The Cruel Poker team is working on implementing rakeback promotions and a VIP system. Details are coming soon. In addition, right now they are running a Facebook campaign, where the Cruel Poker team offers free bonus codes for those who start playing Chinese poker right now and help in testing software.

Find out more about Cruel Poker.

They also have a bunch of articles about OFC rules and strategies here. Feel free to communicate with them through this page or the onsite Live Chat.

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